Anti-Snake Trailer Control

North Coast Caravans are the South West approved AL-KO ATC Trailer Control dealers, fitting centre and service engineers.

Anyone who has experienced a ‘Snake’ when towing a caravan, knows how sensitively an outfit can react at higher speeds. Any slight evasive action, side wind or turbulence from overtaking a heavy goods vehicle, can quickly create an unstable driving condition that results in the loss of control of the car and caravan. When this happens the results can be extremely visual and devastating.

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Drive with Safety

AL-KO ATC Trailer Control is an ingeniously simple electronic control system that reacts quickly to maintain the stability of the car and caravan. AL-KO ATC is similar to the ESP-system on some cars, continually monitoring the stability of the caravan during a journey and only operates when an unstable condition is encountered. When AL-KO ATC activates, the driver will feel the vehicle being slowed down by the soft braking of the caravan.

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Lateral acceleration sensors in the AL-KO ATC unit, monitor’s for slight side movements or a large swinging motion of a caravan. Even before an ESP system has detected the swinging movements of the car, AL-KO ATC applies the brakes on the caravan to slow the outfit down, before the situation becomes critical. The braking operation lasts only for a few seconds, long enough to re-establish control and to bring the car and caravan back to a safe driving condition.

Al-KO ATC is a passive emergency safety system that connects to the car via the normal 12S and 12N connection cables. When the system is ‘plugged in’ the AL-KO ATC automatically starts a ‘Pre-Flight’ test that engages the plunger, applying the caravan brakes. Once this test is complete, the LED warning light on the front fairing changes from red to green to indicate the system is monitoring the caravan and in a ‘ready for travel’ state.

  1. AL-KO ATC has been designed to be an integral part of the complete towing safety system:
  2. AL-KO ATC system which (like the vehicle ABS) detects and controls caravan instability automatically.
  3. AL-KO AKS Stabilisers, an effective stabiliser that raises the “CRITICAL SPEED” beyond the normal legal speed limit.

The Driver, who is responsible, under law, to ensure that the basic elements of safe towing are met, and is comfortably in control of the outfit.

The AL-KO safety systems of AKS + ATC operating together with responsible driving is a complete solution for improved safer towing.

AL-KO ATC can be retrofitted to most caravans with an AL-KO Chassis. A number of variants are available dependent on the number of axles and the gross weight (MPTLM) of the caravan.

For further information download the ATC product brochure.

North Coast Caravans are the South West approved AL-KO ATC Trailer Control dealers, fitting centre and service engineers. Please phone for more details 01288 359 365.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can ATC be retrofitted to my caravan?
     A: Yes, ATC is retrofittable to most caravans with AL-KO chassis.

Q: Where does ATC get its power from?
     A: ATC is connected to the caravan distribution box and the supply is provided by the
         constant live (pin 4) from the grey 12S plug.

Q: How much power does ATC require?
     A: When ATC is activated, it instantly draws 15 amps and must take priority over any
          other 12 volt equipment using the same pin – I.E. caravan battery charger.

Q: Can ATC also be fitted on caravans with a (7-pin) plug?
     A: Yes. The system requires the use of electrical connections from the 12S(grey) plug.
          It also works with caravans fitted with the new 13-pin plug.

Q: Where does the LED need to be fitted?
     A: Near the overrun device on the front fairing.

Q: Do the brake lights function when ATC is activated?
     A: No. The ATC brakes the caravan and car softly. The driver will feel when ATC has activated.

Q: Does ATC need maintenance?
     A: No the system is maintenance free.

Q: How do I know that ATC is ready to use?
     A: As soon as the 7-pin plug is connected to the towing vehicle, the ATC completes a pre-flight test.
         The function status is shown via a green LED on the overrun device.

  • Green (or flashing green) = ready for use.
  • Red = ATC not functioning, but car can be driven.
  • Flashing red = caravan brakes are applied. Car and caravan should not be driven.

Q: How do I recognise that the ATC system is working in the car?
     A: Soft braking is noticed in the car.

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